Product Features

  • High quality multi-tenant document OCR that works on diverse image quality settings
  • Build document "split" models to break pdf packets into discrete documents
  • Build document classification models to categorize documents into custom groups
  • Build extraction models to capture elements of data from unstructured documents
  • Create a custom data schema or ontology unique to your business
  • Import and export data without programming
  • Collaborate accross teams by sharing projects and permissioning priviliges
  • Review extracted data and model outputs en masse with a unique view
  • Use human-in-the-loop views to tune models to your business and guarantee quality
  • Integrate with internal applications using an API



Read more detailed descriptions of the platform and learn how to use the api to build your own integrations.


custom plans
  • Private Projects
  • 30+ Collaborators
  • Unlimited API Throughput
  • Trainable Document AI
  • Multi-tenant OCR
  • Dedicated Support
Free tier
  • Annotate, Upload, Export
  • API Read + Write (limited)
  • Private Projects
  • Collaborators
  • Technical Support